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Michelle is the consummate professional. Since I downsized my company eight years ago, Michelle has been my 'staff.' She takes care of all my administration (payables, receivables, tax preparation) and has been a great sounding board for marketing ideas and strategies. I never send a proposal or PowerPoint to a client without Michelle's review. She is creative, thoughtful and a delight to work with. And, she has saved my company money numerous times with her knowledge of just about everything! I am lucky to have found Michelle and I tell her often!

Debbie Robinson, SCMD – owner of Robinson Group LLC
Retail Marketing Consultant

“When I received a gift certificate for 2 hours of on-site organizing services from a client, I thought I would finally just get some files cleared out but I was delighted to work with Michelle who set-up systems that have made me more productive, less stressed and more efficient. I always thought I was fairly organized but having a fresh set of eyes, especially from an expert, proved invaluable. My business and my personal life have both benefited tremendously.
Stacy L., Small Business Owner

When it became evident that my parents, now in their 80’s, needed to move from a 4 bedroom, single-family home to an independent living environment, my siblings and I (who all live out of state) were so relieved to find Michelle. She met with my parents and put them completely at ease. She was a wealth of resources for packing/moving and even arranged for donations to several local charities. She helped us all make tough decisions and made a dreaded task pleasant. It was such peace of mind to work with her and know that there was someone just a phone call away to help. The move went smoothly and my parents are doing great!

Dee H., Madison Wisconsin

Reprinted from April, 2009 SideBar Newsletter of the Martin County Bar Association:
By: Preethi Sekharan, Esquire - MCBA Treasurer
Meet our Executive Director: Michelle Katzman

The Professional Organizer

You’ve seen her; you’ve emailed her. You’ve called her on the phone; you’ve sent her money. You’ve talked with her; you may have even had lunch with her one special Friday. For all intents and purposes, she is essentially the most reliable and efficient girlfriend the MCBA’s ever had. Who is she? She’s Michelle Katzman, the Martin County Bar Association’s Executive Director.

Michelle has been the MCBA’s Executive Director since the summer of 2007, and you may have noticed some “minor” changes since she joined the Association. For example, we now receive CLE credits just for attending our monthly meetings. Thanks to the direction of our Immediate Past President, the Honorable Alan Forst, Michelle secures our CLE credits for each meeting.

In addition, Michelle facilitates and coordinates each monthly meeting. Many of you may not realize this, but that includes sending out the reminders to the nearly 350 members, receiving and reporting the number of RSVP’s, handling special requests, and coordinating each meeting with Monarch Country Club which includes ensuring there are enough lunches for everyone who RSVP’d and for everyone who did not.

Michelle is also the Chair of our Membership Committee, which consists of, well, uh, MICHELLE. Michelle is responsible for sending out the membership forms to all members, and responding to inquiries by potential new members. Since Michelle became our Executive Director, membership is up 49%.

That’s still not all, folks. In addition to all of the above, Michelle also coordinates our new and improved monthly newsletter, the SideBar. Since Michelle took over coordinating the SideBar, it now pays for itself. That is to say, the SideBar is now produced at no cost to the MCBA, due to Michelle’s efforts in securing advertisers, and her skillful negotiation of contracts with our graphics partner and the U.S. Post Office. In conjunction with our bookkeeper, Michelle is also responsible for sending out invoices, and collecting all dues, fees, and payments owed the Association.

Of course, we cannot forget our recently redesigned MCBA website: The MCBA’s website now receives an average of 14,000+ hits per month. Filled with a wide variety of information, the website has now become one of the most useful tools available to our members. For example, do you forget to pick up your CLE slip at the luncheon? Not a problem. The website not only lists the lunch menu for Monarch Country Club, but also lists the CLE course number for the luncheon. Need an attorney that speaks French? Check out the website for the listing of bilingual attorneys in our area. If you have not checked out the new website, you should.

Michelle’s most recent project was our 2009 Martin County Facebook Legal Directory in collaboration with me. If you have received your copy, you are sure to be impressed; if not, make a point to contact Michelle to get yours.

Interested in knowing more? Michelle is a Professional Organizer* with more than 20 years of direct Project Management/Organizing industry experience. Her academic credentials include a B.S. in both Biology and Chemistry from SUNY at Albany and a Masters in Business Administration from Widener University. The MCBA is only one of Michelle’s regular clients as her consulting business is referral-based primarily from satisfied clients and the Treasure Coast medical, legal & financial communities. She offers support to professionals and retirees in order for them to efficiently accomplish more at work or home, meet important deadlines, gain control of their surroundings, reduce clutter, save money and create ongoing streamline maintenance processes.

Michelle is regularly featured as a guest speaker at custom workshops for local businesses and charities covering topics ranging from paper management, general organizing, estate organizing and productivity.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet Michelle, Executive Director, and Professional Organizer, please take a few minutes to chat with her at our next monthly meeting.

Of course, you can always leave a message for her directly through the MCBA voicemail line (1-772-220-8018), by email ( or call her directly at her office at Katzman Consulting LLC (772-288-6245).

*Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers

NAPO Certified
NAPO-Gold Circle

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